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Tempo (U.K.) / 1949

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Design: The twopence-three-farthing stamp dates the label prior to 1960, when the farthing ceased to be legal tender, and had become irrelevant long before that date. The postcode district SW1 also indicates that the label was issued prior to 1960, when London's postcode areas were changed.

History: Thanks to Quentin Kean for the following info: "The Clarence Williams Tempo release R9 is almost certainly from 1949, among the first releases on the Tempo label. R6 and R7 (Louis Armstrong) were reviewed in the Gramophone in August 1949 and by June 1950 they'd got to R36." Evidently a reissue of an original master for a society of music collectors. Label scan courtesy of collector Kjell Thorsen of Norway. Alternate label scan (below) courtesy of collector Georg Richter of Germany, who also supplied the following info: "In 1946 Colin Pomroy and George Davies established the Tempo Record Society, importing jazz records from America. In 1948 they began to record and issue their own material, using UK and visiting musicians. Pomroy and Davies split in 1949, Davies continuing to use the Tempo name and continuing to record British trad musicians and to issue, under licence, American releases (including Good Time Jazz). However, the business declined and in 1953 the Tempo catalogue was acquired by the British Vogue label."

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