Sunset Recordings (U.S.A.) / c. 1946

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Design: Very bold typographic treatment of the label name, with the far horizon being effectively suggested by the horizontal plane running across the label through the center of the spindle-hole (the rays of a setting sun through clouds might have made it more visually effective). The intruding upper part of the capital 'S' forces any information inserted in the upper segment to be visually off-center, but has been handled well here by being set in a staggered fashion.

History: Unknown (have info? Please send to Thanks to collector Lane Williams of the U.S.A. for an update on the release date of this record, noting: "I have SRC 7559, 'Sugarfoot Strut' c/w 'Redlight Rag' by Pete Daily and His Chicagoans. Billboard Magazine of June 22, 1946, page 31, indicates #7559 is an 'Advance Release,' so plausibly SRC 7558 may have been about the same time frame."

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