Spiel mit

"Spiel mit" (Germany) / 1940

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Design: The standard V-shaped format used by Telefunken, to very good effect. The label name appears in a cursive script version of the Gothic style, showing a medieval capital 'S' that if seen in isolation would confuse most Western eyes as to its identity.

History: Label scan courtesy of collector Georg Richter of Germany, who writes: "This is a home violin-teaching record ("Play along with . . .") from Verlag Emil Herrmann Meistergeigen of Berlin (about whom I could find very little), one of a series in the same vein. Each side starts with a short separate groove with a violinist playing the standard pitch, 'A,' to avoid dissonance when playing the violin additional to the music in the main groove of the record. The 12" record seems to be from 1940 and was manufactured by Telefunken."

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