Speedy Q

Speedy Q (U.S.A.) / c. 1943

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Design: The geometrically-inspired, blocky shadow lettering is typical of newspaper and poster advertising of the 1940s, with wartime restrictions allowing for no extravagances such as a second colour -- in fact, the shellac used for making 78 rpm records was in very short supply, being required for the making of electrical components for the war effort. In any case, these sound effect records were targeting a limited audience (radio stations) rather than the general public, and did not require a high degree of visual appeal.

History: Scans above and below courtesy of collector Georg Richter of Gemany, who writes: "Speedy Q sound effect records were being advertised for sale in 1943 by the Starr Piano Company, 134 South Flower Street, Los Angeles. They usually featured an instant start as soon as the needle was dropped on the edge of the record (hence a 'speedy cue'), but some (as here) were described on the label as not having that SQ feature."

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