Song Bird

Song Bird (U.S.A.) / c. 1948

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Design: The image of a bird on the branch of a flowering tree, because it is printed in a light colour (silver) on a black background, appears in negative form; as seen in the reversed-out image below, the bird should have been light-coloured (probably of yellow plumage), and sits among light-coloured flowers, rather than black ones. The label name appears in an ultra-bold 'modern' font, a Victorian-era style which suddenly gained popularity in the 1940s. The legal notice, running around the outer edge, was obviously cut-and-pasted for litho printing, since the words are not evenly spaced out and their baselines do not align very well.

History: Mary Small, featured here, was a 1930s child singer who had been known as "The Little Girl With The Big Voice," remaining popular (especially on radio) through the 1950s. Label scan courtesy of collector Owen Burgess of Canada.

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