Solar Records

Solar Records (U.S.A.) / c. 1948

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Design: The two label designs show a certain similarity of typographic treament, with the bold script for the label name and the word 'Records,' which here also very effectively separates the upper (common) shell and the lower (imprinting) segments of the label. The spindle hole is utilized logically in forming the letter 'O.' The word 'solar' actually relates to the sun, so why images of the earth and stars are used rather than that of the sun is a little obscure, unless it is to suggest the solar system.

History: Label scan courtesy of collector John Anderson of the U.S.A., who writes: "The Artist Record labels (below) on each side of this record were short on adhesive, so I carefully removed one of them, to reveal the Solar label (above). The same songs by the same artists are listed on both the Artist and Solar labels from the same side of the record. I wonder what the circumstances were that led to the two labels? I could not learn anything about either."

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