Prague (U.S.S.R.) / c. 1945

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Design: The label name, in Cyrillic lettering, reads 'Prague.' The heraldic image, surmounted by sheaves of lances and flowing pennants, represents the coat of arms of that city; the tiny Roman lettering in the legend reads: 'Praha Matka Mest,' or 'Prague, Mother of Cities.' The mantling, or decoration either side of the twin-tailed lion 'supporters,' has heart-shaped leaves (ivy?), which differs from other European heraldry, which usually employs the flowing, spiky-lobed leaves of the acanthus plant (right).

History: Label scans above and below courtesy of collector Gabriel Gössel of Czechoslovakia, who writes: "Pressed by Ultraphon for Soviet soldiers stationed in Czechoslovakia, 1945-46."

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