Pathé (France) / c. 1948

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Design: The design concept is obviously based on the spiral groove pressed in the record, and may have been visually effective as it spun on the turntable. However, it presents difficulties for the imprinting, as the open areas available for imprinting is limited, and appears scattered.

History: Thanks for updated info to Marcel Ardisson of Monaco, who writes; "L'étiquette spirale désignait les disques de "Musique de Danse" chez Pathé-Marconi France" (the spiral design indicates this is a dance music record issued by the Pathé-Marconi company of France). He adds that the 'S' designation represents a 'standard' base pricing range, as distinct from other designations of 'M' (for 'Medium') and 'A' (for 'Artistic'). Label scan courtesy of collector Jukka Kettunen of Finland.

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