Pallas (Germany) / 1948

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The image above has lost the masculine forcefulness of the original design from the late 1920s (right) and has become 'feminized.' Instead of the warrior's silhouette being forced right through the middle of the label name, the curving label name protects a smaller, feminine-looking warrior (even her helmet has a less erect crest), the whole womb-like arrangement being couched on a flowing banner containing a line of softly rounded script. As well as more timid typographical treatment, the colour combination, a soft green and blue rather than gold and black, is also much less aggressive.

History: Label scan courtesy of collector Georg Richter of Germany, who writes: "Pallas originated as a brand of the Clausophon company, and was based in Diepholz, Germany. From 1929 to 1932 it was called 'Presswerke' (pressing plant). They pressed records by order for many record companies. The first Pallas records, issued in 1929, were recorded at the Kristall studios in Berlin. Owing to a worldwide commercial crisis, Pallas disappeared in 1932, but was reactivated in 1941, using masters acquired from the Televox company of Berlin. It survived until 1948, additionally taking over over masters from the Standard label (Austria) and Elite Record (from Turicaphon, Switzerland). The particular title above was originally recorded in 1945 for Elite Record, and pressed for the German market by Pallas in 1948." (To see how Richter restored the label artwork and to listen to the music track by the Ruwiro Hawaiians, click here.)

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