Mikrophon 1

Mikrophon (Bulgaria) / c. 1943

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Design: An eye-catching design, with star-beams shining out from the label name, which is set at an angle in perspective angular lettering, high above a flat horizon. The label name is repeated in Cyrillic lettering at the foot, on a curved baseline, but a good balance is achieved between the disparate elements.

History: All label scans courtesy of collector Dimitar Malchev of Bulgaria, who writes: "The Mikrophon label was founded in 1939-1940 by Asparuch Leshnikov, the star tenor voice in a well-known vocal group, the 'Comedian Harmonists.' A lot of Mikrophon records were issued in the first half of 1940s, with the label changing little, but more so after 1945. This label, typical of the early issues, dates from 1943 or 1944."

Design variations of this label in this decade (click on image to view page):

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