Metropolitan Phonograph Record Co. (U.S.A. ethnic) / c. 1947

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Design: Though this record is tentatively dated as belonging to the 1940s, it may be that the outer border serves a stroboscopic purpose, which could suggest the early 1930s, while the old-fashioned wording 'Phonograph Record Co.' seems to suggest an even earlier date. The song title is set in Stymie block-serif type, which first appeared in 1931, but became widely popular in the 1940s.

History: Unknown (have info? Please send to From the blog website Record Fiend: "Oud player 'Marko' Melkon Alemsherian (1895-1963) was one of the most important early figures of Middle Eastern and belly dance music in the United States. An ethnic Armenian born in Izmir (formerly Smyrna), Turkey, he settled in America in 1921 after having spent time in Greece to avoid serving in the Ottoman army. In many ways, Marko was typical of the great Anatolian musicians of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries in that although he was Armenian, most of his songs' lyrics were sung in Turkish. Since he was originally from Izmir, which at one time had a large Greek population, and had spent time in Greece as a young man, he was also comfortable singing in this language as well." Label scan courtesy of collector Bill Dean-Myatt of the U.K.

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