Mayfair Record Harmony

Mayfair Record Harmony (U.K.) / 1949

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Design: The logo at the top shows the image of a maypole, the centre-piece of a medieval English pagan tradition which celebrated the arrival of spring. A circle of young girls would prance back and forth around a tall pole which stood on the village green, while holding on to the long coloured ribbons attached to its top. From the dancers a 'May Queen' would then be elected, crowned with a tiara of flowers and carried around the village as the highlight of the boisterous celebrations. London's Mayfair district was named for a one-time site of the custom in that city. The green and gold colour combination is not the best contrast for legibility.

History: Whether this label had any connection to the May-Fair label of the 1930s is unknown. Quite possibly the business took its name from its location in central London. Label scan courtesy of musicologist and collector Bill Dean-Myatt of the U.K.

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