Liberty Record Co.

Liberty Record Co. (U.S.A.) / 1947

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Design: The panoramic format used for the label name lettering was also used for another New York ethnic label, Artista. The first and final serifs unexpectedly follow the outer curve instead of aligning with the rest of the letters. The Greek flag begins and ends the Attic pattern running around the lower part of the label.

History: Thanks to George Kalivrousis of Canada for the following info: "Liberty Records did use some master recordings from Greece, but the vast majority of their recordings were recorded in New York, using local talents and visiting singers from Greece. The disc on your site was recorded by Sophia Vembo in 1947 when she toured the States (at that time she was the #1 singer in Greece -- notice on the label that Vembo's name took priority over the label name). The quality of their recordings was very good, but the pressings themselves were not that great compared to Nina Records, another Greek label which also had great recordings and very good and quiet 78 rpm pressings. The only thing I know about Liberty is that the masters are owned  today by Eva Styl, also a Liberty Records artist at one time and billed as a "sensational Greek torch singer," who today lives in Greece and still comes to New York from time to time. The address of Liberty Records in the mid-60s was 2458 Broadway, New York City 24, N.Y." Label scan courtesy of music researcher and collector Bill Dean-Myatt of the U.K.

Nick Cicogna writes: "My grandfather, Nikos Seastopoulos, had a major role in the founding of the Liberty Record Company. If visitors to your site have any relevant leads that I might follow about the company's operations, I'd be grateful if they'd leave a message on your guestbook. Thanks in advance!"

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