Kol Zion

Kol Zion (Palestine) / c. 1947

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Design: The label name, placed across the centre in vertical Roman lettering, is set in calligraphic swash letters, more often seen on the (right-leaning) italic or matching script. Swash capitals are not usually combined to make words, since difficulties can be encountered in close-fitting some of the more extravagantly-shaped forms (e.g. the London label), though here the problems are managed well. The Hebrew version of the label name, following the outer curve in the upper segment, is here treated in a neutral monoline; the more traditional form can be seen in the line below the spindle hole, featuring the thick-and-thin strokes of calligraphy with a horizontal (and left-leaning) emphasis. The illustration shows the Citadel of David rising above the castellated walls of the Old City of Jerusalem, which stands over the site of the palace of Herod the Great, built in the first century B.C.

History: The words 'Kol Zion' translate to 'The Voice of Zion,' and presumably this is part of the crescendoing effort of the World Zionist movement toward the establishment of the modern State of Israel, which came into existence on May 14, 1948. As indicated on the label, the record was manufactured in London, England by Oriole Records, which was owned by a Jewish family named Levy (manufacturers of the Levaphone label). Label scan courtesy of music researcher and collector Bill Dean-Myatt of the U.K. Thanks also to Shlomo Sharon for the following additional info: "If you look carefully at the Kol Zion record you will see it was recorded in Nathanya, Israel. Kol Zion was my late father Leon Kaufman and his partner company. This company went around 1950 or 1952 into bankruptcy and the asset was bought by Head Harzi."

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