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Jazz Information (U.S.A.) / 1942

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Design: The line of caps for the label name shows an admixture of capital and lowercase forms. Seemingly, the spindle hole was not taken into account when the layout was made. As this is a collector's item and not subject to point-of-sale visual appeal, the upper and lower segments are devoted to typographic information about the recording.

History: A production of the Commodore Music Shop in New York, owned by jazz aficionado Milt Gabler, who also issued the Commodore and UHCA labels. Gabler in 'real life' was A&R for Decca Records, for which label he recorded Bill Haley and the Comets' 'Rock Around the Clock' in 1954, which triggered the tsunami of rock 'n' roll around the world. Label scan courtesy of jazzologist and collector Dave Dixon of Canada.

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