Isku (Finland) / 1945

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Design: As with many Scandinavian designs, a clean and powerful graphic image. An explosive effect, taking its inspiration from the Finnish word for 'Hit' (see below) bursts upward through the lettering from the spindle hole. The well-drawn lettering widens out from the baseline upwards, adding to the visual effect. The simple colour combination of light and dark blue, possibly achieved through a single pass through the press, makes it a very economical production.

History: Label scan courtesy of collector Jukka Kettunen of Finland, who notes: "'Isku' means to 'strike,' 'a stroke' etc., which meaning doesn't quite translate in English. In Finland our favorite pop song list was called 'Isku Sävelmä,' equivalent to 'Hit Parade.' The ISKU label was quite short-lived, issuing only a dozen or so records."

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