Guild (U.S.A.) / c. 1948

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Design: A very interesting inline Gothic face which is well suited to the label name. Note that the letter 'd' is enlarged to provide visual balance to the capital 'G.' The border scrollwork, in a completely contrasting copperplate script style, also lends an appropriate air of quality.

History: According to info extracted from Institute of Jazz Studies, Guide to the Musicraft Records Inc. Records, 1937-1960 by Erika Gorder, Guild was incorporated in Connecticut in 1945, then acquired as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Jefferson-Travis Corporation in January 1946, along with its pressing plant in Norwalk, Connecticut. Guild relied on popular names, not advertising, to sell records. It recorded various artists in new and popular genres including calypso, represented by Gerald Clark and His Original Calypsos, among others. In the jazz field, Guild recorded many well-known musicians and sidemen. Alternate colour scan (below) courtesy of collector Georg Richter of Germany.

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