Fonotecnica Electro Record

Fonotecnica Electro Record (Italy) / c. 1949

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Design: An amazing Art Deco design (probably originating from the mid-1930s) featuring an angular 'spider-web' outer border, with electric flashes emanating from the spindle hole and geometric letterforms. Increased volume is suggested by widening of the words 'Electro Record' as they travel outward on widening panels of gold. The beribboned grinning mask, perhaps suggesting the company's original connection with opera music (the Milan Opera House, 'La Scala,' was and remains a centre for the art form), appeared as a logo on the 1920s label.

History: Appearing in the 1920s as 'La Fonotecnica,' the company was located in Milan, Italy. Electric recording (using several microphones instead of a single horn) revolutionized the recording industry in the late 1920s and the improved sound was advertised as a selling feature well into the 1930s. Label scan courtesy of collector Luca Barzaghi of Italy.

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