Euphon (Italy) / c. 1949

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Design: The bold sans serif lettering of the label name widens as it radiates outward, while the fluid Art Nouveau style of the hand-drawn lettering beneath it widens and thickens in the opposite direction, an uncomfortable contrast.

History: Scans courtesy of collector Georg Richter of Germany, who notes: "In 1948 the italian inventor Bartolomeo Rocchietti of Torino founded Euphon (Greek for 'nice sound') and developed his direct recording system for blanks with lacquer on aluminum. Unfortunately the records tend to deteriorate nowadays, as can be seen on other similar records from other manufacturers. Obviously, the blanks had initially labels (with instructions how to use?), which were covered over by the user's personalized label. In the 1950s and 60s Euphon was running a sound recording studio, shifting in the 1980s to video technology (including video discs). An 'Euphon Group' seems to be still active as TV studio and satelite provider, but its corporate history is not provided."

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