Down Beat

Down Beat (U.S.A.) / c. 1942

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Design: A rather conservative design for a style of music that was so upbeat; the figure of a baton-wielding conductor implies orchestral music. The main line of script lettering has a regular rhythm, not quite suited to the label name.

History: Thanks for updated info to Marc Miller, who writes: "The label was based in Los Angeles and recorded Jazz and R&B, including Jay McShann, Joe Turner and very early Ray Charles (as The Maxin Trio). They operated c. 1947-53. It was owned by Jack Lauderdale who, after Down Beat went bankrupt, started Swing Time Records, which also recorded Jazz and R&B and sold Ray Charles' contract to Atlantic in 1952."

The artist here, Pete Johnson, was a highly respected 'hot' piano player in the boogie woogie style.

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