Dixieland (U.S.A.) / c. 1949

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Design: This stylish, stylized (and somewhat politically incorrect) illustration by 'Walt' shows a young Negro boy, wearing a battered plantation-style hat, overalls held up by a safety pin, and a spotted makeshift bow tie, plucking a banjo. In the background, above the banjo neck, a jazz band boogies along, while below it, a pair of Negroes dance with abandon outside a tumbledown shack. A Mississippi paddle-steamer, a large part of which is unfortunately punched through by the spindle hole, passes by the shoreline, while cotton-bolls decorate the border. A professionally-drawn, highly detailed image, with hand-drawn lettering for 'Bill Williams and his Dixieland Band' and an incredibly elaborate font for the label name, showing 'whale-tail' indentations in the top and bottom of the solid block serifs and Victorian curlicues either side of the verticals, at the centre line.

History: Based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Label scan courtesy of jazzologist and collector Dave Dixon of Canada.

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