Delta Jazz

Delta Jazz (U.S.A.) / c. 1948

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Design: A very well-drawn logo deriving its inspiration from the 18th century copperplate engraving style but incorporating a fork-tailed swash underline in the tradition of the 1920s (e.g. Beltona). The scribing seen on the cap 'D' provides the inspiration for other rococo-style curlicues which fill all the available spaces to good effect. The overall image conjured up is of a broad, flowing river, as represented by the underline, with the label name sailing serenely upon it like one of the magnificent white riverboats which once plied the Mississippi River delta, with puffs of white smoke issuing from its twin smokestacks and, of course, an on-board 'traditional' or 'New Orleans-style' jazz band providing the entertainment. (One might also say the label name represents the tune, based on a firm melodic and rhythmic foundation, while the ensemble musicians added their decorative flourishes over and above it.)

History: Unknown (have info? Please send to Most likely one of several labels (e.g. Jazz Man) which catered to a widespread resurgence of interest in 1920s-era New Orleans-style jazz music in the 1940s, following the rise and fall of 'swing,' 'bebop,' 'cool' and other trends.

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