Cosmopolitan Records

Cosmopolitan Records (U.S.A.) / c. 1947

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Design: A very straightforward production in silver on burgundy (a combination which would become widely popular in the 1950s), using Bodoni, a so-called 'modern' font (although it was developed in the 18th century) for the label name, featuring strong verticals and thin horizontals.

History: Label scan courtesy of collector Georg Richter of Germany, who writes: "Information taken from George Moonoogian's blog reveals that Cosmopolitan Records, Inc. was located at 745 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY in October 1945, and moved to 545 Fifth Avenue around 1947 (President: Harry Bank; A & R: Herb Hendler; Sales: Eddie Heller). Another Cosmopolitan Record label surfaced in March 1954, which was located at 458 Fourth Avenue in Leavenworth, Kansas, but I could not find any evidence that it would be the predecessor of the New York label."

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