Conqueror (U.S.A.) / 1941

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Design: This heraldic-style scroll cartouche with the stylized crown above (plus three arbitrary stars) has an appropriately medieval flavour. The label name now runs straight across instead of in a gentle curve as on the previous design, and the swash on the tail of the 'q,' adapted from the original label design, helps the optical centering. Perhaps the drooping scroll should have been designed to have been shown opening up vertically instead of horizontally, so that its shape would not have been quite so distorted, or the name only appearing on the scroll.

History: A subsidiary of the American Record Corporation, the Conqueror label was launched in 1928. Sold through Sears Roebuck chainstores, it lasted until 1942. The scroll design shown here was introduced in 1934, at first in red, then in black for the last phase of its life.

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