Commodore (U.S.A.) / 1947

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Design: The label name, in a very delicate lettering style, and the credits follow the outer curve, in the old-fashioned way. It is unusual for the song title to be separated from the rest of the information.

History: The Commodore label was founded in 1938, and lasted until 1952 (the red label design first appeared in 1939). It was revived in 1954 as an LP label. Thanks for updated info to collector Dave Dixon of Canada, who writes: "Almost every Commodore 78 issued was an original recorded by the Commodore Music Shop company owner by Milt Gabler. The only reissues by Commodore were some Jelly Roll Morton recordings  made originally in 1939 by the General record company and sold to Gabler in the 1940s. A feature of the Commodore label was the inclusion of the recording date (in your illustration it is at 4 o'clock position: 11-43 i.e. November 1943).

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