Celtic (Canada) / c. 1947

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Design: An attractive combination of heraldic and organic images. The coat of arms of Nova Scotia is centred at the top, with Scottish thistles making up the borders.

History: Many thanks to Jessica Norick for the following updated info about the Celtic label: "Celtic was founded in 1933 in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, by Bernie MacIsaac. As the name of the label suggests, they specialized in Celtic music, with a specific emphasis on the folk music of Cape Breton Island . . . lots of fiddle and bagpipe music, plus vocal and spoken word selections.

"In 1960, the Celtic catalogue was purchased by George Taylor, of the budget Country & Western label Rodeo Records. At that time, Celtic became a subsidiary label of Rodeo, mostly used to re-issue many of the recordings Celtic had made between 1933 and 1960 on scores of budget priced compilation albums. Some of these recordings also showed up in compilations on the Banff label. 

"In 1986, Rodeo Records was sold to Frank Swain's Holborne Distribution Company, of Mount Albert, Ontario. Many of the earlier compilations were reissued as cassette tapes by Holborne.

"In 2011, Frank Swain donated the entirety of the Rodeo Records catalogue to Cape Breton University's Beaton Institute, located in Sydney, Nova Scotia. They are working to digitize the catalogue for posterity."

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