Celson (Italy) / 1949

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Design: The label name is set in a modified Gothic, which has been letterspaced and simplified for reasons of legibility. What the 'M' (in the diamond above the spindle hole) stands for is unknown, but 'Celson' does not sound like an Italian name; perhaps this is a subsidiary of an American or north European label. The master evidently came from the files of the Aladdin company of Hollywood, California.

History: Label scan courtesy of collector Georg Richter of Germany. Thanks for updated info to Francesco Martinelli of Italy, who writes: "I do not know where the name comes from, but the label was established in Milan by the Guertler brothers in 1947 (the name signals a German-Swiss origin). They catered to modern jazz and classical music listeners with their 78 rpm records produced between 1947 and 1951, later crossing over to pop with 45 rpm and 33 rpms (they later bought the Music catalogue and established also the vinyl labels Saar and Joker). One of the brothers left the business in the 60s. There are rumours that these reissues from small American jazz labels were, well, 'unofficial . . .'"

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