Audiodisc (U.S.A.) / c. 1946

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Design: A very strong and well-balanced asymmetrical design, with the label name being off-centre but visually balanced by the logo, 'They Speak for Themselves.' The angle of the electric flash across the logo, which looks like a indicator needle, also helps to create an effective counterbalance. The larger electric flash, running horizontally across the centre (without causing interference with the spindle holes) lines up visually with the words 'Recording Blank,' and creates a solid panel of colour in the upper segment for all material to be reversed out to 'white.' The cutting action of the stylus is suggested in the sharply-angled linked-script lettering, which runs together like a continuous groove.

History: Audiodisc was one of several home-recording products which became popular around the time of WWII, the master record consisting of a core of hard material such as aluminum or fiber or glass, laminated with a receptive cellulose or 'acetate' material. Label scan courtesy of collector John Anderson of the U.S.A.

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