Artist Records

Artist Records (U.S.A.) / c. 1948

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Design: The untidy design shows a cramped music note doubling as a waving flag, across which the logo does not flow very convincingly, but bends awkwardly downward, with the dot in the 'i,' also doing double duty as a music note, appearing to fall on its back. The logo is cramped in size because of a pair of meaningless stippled stripes running across the top and bottom of the flag, forcing the word 'Records' to appear outside the panel when it might have been contained within. The overall design suffers because of an unnecessarily wide border containing legal notices. The song title ('Highway Heading For Nowhere') appears to have become disjointed because of space limitations, the remaining typography within an arbitrarily-shaped panel being neither centered nor flush left or right. The Solar Records design (below) might well have come from the same design studio, since it features a similar fat-face brush script treatment for the label name, separation of the word 'Records' from the label name, and generous space being allotted for the legal notices.

History: Label scan courtesy of collector John Anderson of the U.S.A., who writes: "The Artist labels on both sides of this record were short on adhesive, and underneath each label was another label; that of Solar Records (below). So I carefully removed one of the Artist labels to reveal the Solar label (below). The same songs by the same artists are listed on both the Artist and Solar labels from the same side of the record. I wonder what the circumstances were that led to two label names? I could not learn anything about either label."

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