Apex Electrophonic

Apex Electrophonic (Canada) / 1943

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Design: The pyramid-shaped logo is logically placed at the top of the label; relatively small in size, it has visual impact. The hand-lettering of the word 'Electrophonic' shows curious treatment of the serifs, which are sharply hooked at the baseline and in the upper part are steeply angled.

History: Apex was the flagship label of the Compo company, founded in 1919 by Harold Berliner, whose father Emile was a partner in the Victor company before selling out to Eldridge Johnson and emigrating to Canada. 'Electrophonic' refers to the process of recording with electric microphones, first used in the mid-1920s and becoming standard across the industry by the 1930s. By the 1940s, when this record was produced, the term was hardly a selling point.

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