Amiga (East Germany) / 1948

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Design: As in the Rondo label, the label name flows across the wavy lines of a music staff. The positive and negative imagery in the illustration and the border were inspired by the powerful graphics to be seen on posters of the period, a media which had matured by way of wartime propaganda.

History: Thanks for updated info to musicographer Bernd Mayer-Rähnitz of Germany, who writes: "Lied der Zeit (Song of the Present Time) was a label owned by the political singer Ernst Busch, in partnership with Hans Schwartz. Nationalized in 1955, the label would be renamed VEB Detsche Schallplatten of Berlin [see 1950s version]. After the end of WWII, all records distributed in both East and West Germany were under the control of the military government of the Allied powers [to ensure freedom from extremist propaganda]." Label scan courtesy of collector Dimitar Malchev of Bulgaria.

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