Abdelahad 1

Abdelahad (U.S.A., ethnic) / c. 1942

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Design: The extreme thick-and-thin style of lettering, devoid of serifs, first became popular during the early 1920s. This custom-drawn example has the thick main strokes widening as they radiate out from the centre; the thin horizontal strokes also widen as they extend outward. The block-serif font used for the imprinting of the artist's name is called Stymie. Designed in 1931, it soon achieved wide popularity. The smallest lines of type are set in Copperplate Gothic, designed in 1904, which was a basic range of type to be found in every letterpress print shop well into the 1960s.

History: Evidently an ethnic label marketed to an Arabic-speaking segment of the U.S. poulation. Label scan courtesy of collector Ken Hagelthorn of the U.S.A.

Design variations of this label in this decade (click on image to view page):

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