Vojenska (Bulgaria) / c. 1939

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Design: A naturalistic-looking lion strides across the upper segment of the label, across a bed of laurel leaves. A silhouetted Aeolian harp sits at the foot, above the label name.

History: Label scan courtesy of collector Gabriel G÷ssel of Czechoslovakia, who writes: "The Cyrillic wording at the top reads 'Bulgarian Military Glory.' It is a sub-label of the Bulgarian Arfa (Harp) brand, the name at the foot (in both the Bulgarian and Russian languages the word is spelled without an H). This particularárecording, which features military marches, was destined for the Bulgarian market. Distributed via the Cohn company of Sofia (a similar story to the BulgarianáCaruso label), it was manufactured in Prague by the Esta factory."

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