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Ultraphon (Czechoslovakia) / 1938

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Design: The Ultraphon name running around the outside is treated in a decorative manner. The logo at the centre contains several initials in two styles, inline (SKL) and slab serif (CS), but what words these represent is unknown. The strong colour combination of bright red and blue is typical of Ultraphon labels.

History: Ultraphon, a German company, was owned by Küchenmeister of Holland. Label scan courtesy of collector Gabriel Gössel of Czechoslovakia, who writes: "This label is a specially produced for recordings of music for the gymnastic festivals of the Sokol movement in 1938. Sokol was a patriotic and rather right-wing organization, which was banned after the Communist coup in 1948."

Design variations of this label in this decade (click on image to view page):

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