UFA (Germany) / 1935

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Design: The movie company UFA was founded in Berlin in 1917 and is still active today. This promotional record features the celebrated Italian actor and tenor Alessandro Ziliani (1906-1977) singing Konigin der Liebe (Queen of Love), from the 1935 romantic movie Liebeslied (Love Song). Photographic images of the artist appearing on 78 rpm record labels are quite rare, and this striking image, occupying half the entire label, is very unusual. The UFA logo, screened in the background, shows the Art Deco penchant for mixing geometric capital and lowercase letterforms (as does the hand-drawn lettering for 'Alessandro Ziliani').

History: Universum Films AG, founded as a counterbalance to foreign movie houses, underwent both Nazification and nationalization in its history. Label scan courtesy of collector Gabriel Gössel of Czechoslovakia.

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