Toni (Sweden) / 1939

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Design: The graphics in the upper segment features the fine lines of a record groove, overlaid by the label name in a rather stiffly constructed monoline script, and three large 'shooting' stars, which come showering down from the heavens (via the label name) to earth. The blurb on the outer edge is also in a monoline script, though more loosely drawn than the label name. Blue and yellow (here gold) are the colours associated with Sweden. The overall concept is very similar to the Sonata label.

History: Label scan courtesy of collector Georg Richter of Gremany, who writes: "The Swedish record company Toni was founded in 1936 by Gösta Berggren A/B. From 1937 onwards, the conductor Gustaf Egerstam was the recording manager. In 1938 the company was taken over by the Swedish Gramophone Industry in Malmö, where they also pressed discs. The next year they started also a newspaper devoted to music, but only a single number was produced. No recordings were made either by the end of 1939, but the company continued to sell their old records until 1942, when it went bankrupt. The company was taken over by Ramona factory in Stockholm, who after the war started the Ambassadeur label. The wording on the outer edge of the label reads 'Swedish technology provides tones on [the Toni record].'"

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