System Dr. Radwan

System Dr. Radwan (Czechoslovakia) / 1932

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Design: The Odeon logo appears either side of the spindle hole, with the label name, set in a chunky stub-serif inline font, following the outer curve in the old-fashioned manner.

History: Label scan courtesy of music researcher and collector Gabriel Gössel of Czechoslovakia, who writes: "These so-called 'psychophonic' records were allegedly spoken by a medium thrown into the fourth (deepest) phase of hypnosis by one Dr. Radwan, a well known Czech psychotronist. They were recorded (in both the Czech and German languages) in Berlin in 1932 for a distributor in Prague. Specially-priced two-record sets were sold in a sealed box (typical 'pot luck'!). According to the advertising, 'These recordings should be used [listened to] in the morning for the revitalization of a human's organism, and in the evening they should help for better sleep' etc. It did not work, of course, but once the the seal of the box was broken, the records could not be returned."

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