Sunrise (U.S.A.) / c. 1930

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Design: As with other Grey Gull designs (e.g. Van Dyke), the graphic treatment is very strong. The rising sun seen in the upper segment, with its red rays breaking through golden clouds, was a primary symbol of the contemporary Art Deco fashion, and was probably the reason behind the naming of the label. The lowercase lettering of the label name, with its thick and thin machine-cut strokes, is also typically Art Deco (e.g. Swing). The overlapping shapes in the lower segment are screened back in part to allow for the overprinting.

History: According to Sutton & Nauck (American Record Labels and Companies: An Encyclopedia), the short-lived Sunrise label was one of many released by Grey Gull. Label scan courtesy of disc jockey John Worthington of CKUA radio network, Alberta, Canada.

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