Sonora Provskiva 'Proof Record' (Norway) / 1938

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Design: A plain label that has no need for visual appeal.

History: Label scan courtesy of collector Kjell Thorsen of Norway, who notes: "The Sonora label was in existence from 1932 to 1958; performing on this demo record were Norwegian accordionists Erik Trondrud and Karl Andersen. Trondrud (1919-1966) who had begun playing the acccordion at about four years old, made his official debut in 1933 with a first prize win in his age class; many more victories at the national and international level would soon follow. Becoming well known for his brilliant accordion techniques, 'Little Erik,' as he was called, was accompanied on national tours by the well-known Harald Henschien (later on in his career, Trondrud would give much of the credit for his success to Henschien, who had also employed Trondrud in his music store in Hønefoss, a small town in southern Norway). Trondrud made many recordings for companies such as Polydor, Telefunken, Musica, Columbia, Philips and others, many of these being duets with Karl Andersen."

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