Sondor (France) / c. 1935

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Design: The label name appears in thick inline letters, a treatment frequently seen on labels of the period (e.g. Aerophone, Disclair). For the logo below, a chiming bell is superimposed on an undulating music staff, also suggesting sound waves; an effective image.

History: Label scan courtesy of collector Konstyantyn Tavolzanski, who writes: "Sondor is a French label, and I think it's the same as Son d'Or,* a brand name registered November 25, 1929, by Gustave Bérody. It's relatively common on old 'budget' French 78s. Sometimes they were well-known performers who remained anonymous because they didn't want their names to be 'debased' by those labels (information from Louis Sidney of France)."

*'Golden Sound'

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