Slavia (Czechoslovakia) / c. 1933

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Design: The attractive design owes its inspiration to the medieval era. The shield at the top, which is 'charged' with an Aeolian lyre instead of an heraldic symbol, has seemingly been inverted, perhaps in order for the shape to fit better with the lettering below; probably the same reason the outline to the label name has also been deleted in this spot. Woodcut-style tree-leaves are used for the 'mantling,' or decoration either side of the shield, instead of the traditional acanthus. The label name is beautifully lettered in pseudo-Lombardic capitals, decorative initials from the medieval era characterized by softly flowing lines and blobby excrescences.

History: The name 'Slavia' likely relates to the broad-based culture of Eastern European 'Slavic' countries, of which the Czech Republic is one. Label scan courtesy of collector Gabriel Gössel of Czechoslovakia, who writes: "Slavia, in operation between 1931 and 1934, was a cheap sub-label of the Esta company."

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