Regal Zonophone 2

Regal Zonophone (Australia) / 1938

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Design: The gold background seen on the previous label has been dropped, but the red and green pairing still provides high contrast, along with type reversed to white. The use of black for the imprinting makes for improved clarity.

History: Thanks for updated info to Bob Edmunds, who writes: "The combined Regal-Zonophone label was created much later than WWI [as previously suggested here] and the label lasted in the UK until 1949 and was even still in production in Australia until the late 1950s. I know because I worked at EMI Australia where it was discontinued when all 78s were phased out. A lot of RZ material was re-released on Columbia 45 rpm. I still grieve, 50 years later, about the Monday I returned to work to find EMI had sent all 78 rpm stock to the tip for disposal!"

Design variations of this label in this decade (click on image to view page):

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