Playtime Records

Playtime Records (U.S.A.) / c. 1937

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Design: A beautifully-arranged and well-illustrated design, showing a crowd of bob-haired (all-white) children excitedly crowding around 'Mother Goose.' Most often depicted as being airborne, astride a flying goose, she is dressed in traditional Welsh costume (why she is thus characterized is unknown), featuring a tall-crowned black hat, red cape, cross-laced bodice and full skirt, with red stockings. With her hands around the spindle hole, she seems about to spin the record. The enormous sales potential of the middle-class children's nursery had been revealed by the success of author/artists such as Beatrix Potter and Mabel Lucie Attwell.

History: According to Sutton & Nauck (American Record Labels and Companies, 2000) Playtime was launched in 1924 by Plaza, which also marketed children's Playtime phonographs. After a business merger in 1929, the label became owned by American Record Co. (ARC), and was again transferred, in 1938, to CBS; the label name lasted into the late 1950s. While the illustration has a 'British' look to it, the lettering of the label name, with its squared-off letterforms, is more 'American-looking.' Record kindly donated by collector and jazzologist Dave Dixon of Canada.

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