Phonycord Flexible

Phonycord Flexible (Germany) / c. 1931

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Design: The transparent material permits the information to be printed (or impressed) into one half of the label only. The illustration shows the record being easily folded by a feminine hand; whether the concept caught on to any extent is not known. Between the two world wars, German scientists and researchers forged ahead in many areas of technology.

History: Thanks to German collector Georg Richter, who writes: "According to Horst H. Lange, author of Die deutsche 78er Diskographie der Hot Dance und Jazz-Musik 1903-1958, Phonycord-Flexible was a product of Phonycord GmbH, Berlin W35. Series 1 to 500 went from 1928 to 1932." Label scan (top) courtesy of collectors Kjell Thorsen of Norway and Georg Richter of Germany.

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