Pan 3

Pan Record (Romania) / 1938

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Design: A complete departure from previous designs, with the shepherd/goat figure of Pan, playing his twin pipes (as distinct from the multi-fluted 'nai' seen on the previous page, but clearly seen on other labels such as the Marspen Record) prancing ghost-like through the early morning mist. The illustration makes use of airbrushing, a technique of colour gradation which gained great popularity in the 1940s and was made possible for reproduction by the process of offset lithography. As seen on the earlier Lifa Record, the label name is lettered in lowercase in a slab-serif style but with the baseline left-hand serifs lopped off.

History: Launched in 1935, the Pan label survived until 1938, and was corporately connected to the Lifa Record label of both Romania and Bulgaria. Label scan courtesy of collector Florin Caloianu of Romania, who notes that all Romanian Pan labels are very rare.

Design variations of this label in this decade (click on image to view page):

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