Odeon 8

Odeon (Germany) / c. 1937

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Design: A well-balanced design with strong elements, including a flowing swallow-tailed banner containing the label name. The Odeon script logo beneath the illustration of the Odeon building features a nice swash underline. The font used for the imprinting is a 'Jugendstil' or Art Nouveau-influenced style (the modern revival of which is called Korinna). Introduced in about 1907 as a book face, it was hugely popular with commercial printers for display use.

History: Label scan courtesy of collector Kjell Thorsen of Norway, who writes: "The Swing Music Series was released during the time of Nazi Germany (1936-1944). The content in this series was mostly by American artists that had been released earlier. This record, featuring Eddie Lang and Lonnie Johnson, had originally been recorded in May 1929."

Design variations of this label in this decade (click on image to view page):

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