Norsk Grammofon

Norsk Grammofonkompani (Norway) / 1936

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Design: The drawing at the centre of the upper segment is a representation of Akershuss Fortress, part of a medieval complex at the centre of the capital city of Oslo. The label name is stretched panoramically across, with a baseline that curves upward, making use of a capital 'O' as a moon (or sun) in the background. The address and phone number seem to have been added later to the artwork, but by a much inferior hand.

History: Label scan courtesy of collector Kjell Thorsen of Norway, who writes: "This is a condensed version of a speech by Bertram Dybwad Brochmanns, who was in the Norwegian govemment prior to the 1936 election. A radical who had been strongly critical of Norwegian society, he was put on trial after WWII because he had spoken out in favour of Hitler's economic policies."  

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