Lorentz Platte

Lorentz Platte (Germany) / c. 1933

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Design: An interesting example of overlapping capitals for the label name, in a very tidy, well-organized design. The letters are influenced by Gothic pen lettering in that the serifs are wedge-shaped. The vertical strokes of the letters widen as they radiate outward, minimizing blank space and maximizing visual impact. What the symmetrical arrangement of rings represents is unknown.

History: Label scan courtesy of collector Georg Richter of Germany, who writes: "Lorentz Platte was pressed by Electrola for Rudolf Lorentz Verlag, (Berlin) Charlottenburg 9, Kaiserdamm 38. Lorentz was the publisher of the newspaper Deutsche Kurz-Post from 1928 to 1944. It seems that this label is unique because there is no Lorentz catalogue number. According to other reference numbers this record was officially issued by Electrola as EG2868 in 1933."

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