Lonora Electro

Lonora Electro (Poland) / c. 1932

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Design: The label name is set on a 'windshield wiper' gold panel, possibly to give the lettering more visual impact and greater legibility; the fine outlining may have originally been the 'release' to which the blue background should have extended. The letters A and F are worked into a modern-looking logo, though what the letters might represent is unknown. Note the strange-looking lowercase 'r' in 'Electro,' a stylish Art Deco invention using geometric shapes, a novelty that never caught on.

History: Label scan courtesy of collector Lucyna Lachowicz of Poland. Thanks also for updated info to Wiktor Weglewicz of Cracow, Poland, who writes: "'Lonora-Electro' was a small record company based in Warsaw, Poland in the 1930s. It was closed after WWII broke out."

Request for info: Berlin-based discographer Walter Weist writes: "I am at work on a discography of the singer Leo Monosson. In 1932 he apparently recorded a title in the Polish language at the firm of Lonora Elektro in Warsaw. I have a 1932 Lonora catalogue that shows 13 records by this singer. In my personal collection I have 2 original Lonora records and 6 single-sided Lonora sample records. I have not been able to classify the sample record tracks from 1932 (they did not show up in the catalogue). Regarding release # 211, "Ojso Bojker," my question is: can you resource that number with the reverse side, in case the record was not even released? A second question is, could the recording(s) have been made in Berlin rather than in Warsaw? I would be very grateful to receive any information about any Lonora releases your readers might have." -- Walter Wiest

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