Les Discophiles Francais

Les Discophiles Francais (France) / c. 1935

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Design: At the centre, the stylized silhouette of France, through which the spindle hole is punched, gives the label a ragged appearance, as if the paper has been torn. The label name is understated, since this offering represented part of series for the specialist collector and as such, did not rely heavily on point-of-purchase advertising.

History: Label scan courtesy of collector Martín Javier Gorosito of Argentina, who writes: "The Discophile label was founded by by Henri Screpel in France, offering a similar repertoire to other labels such as L'Anthologie Sonore, Classic and La Boîte ŕ Musique. It generally published little-known pieces of the classic repertoire in small numbers, like other well-known music appreciation societies created in London in the '30s, such as the Scarlatti Society, the Beethoven Society, etc. Henri Screpel was also the label's sound engineer, producing series in collaboration with the pianist Marcelle Meyer, the Ensemble Couraud (as pictured), the Orchestra Hewitt, the Orchestra of Camera of Saarland (directed by Karl Riestenpart), the Végh Quartet etc. Other Discophile series featured the quartet music of Beethoven, Mozart and Schumann, in collaboration with music director Yves Nat."

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